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Exemplification Essay: An exemplification essay is often relevant and believable. Examples bring an issue to life. Example structure usually begins with a generalization, a topic sentence, a main idea or main point. Next, you move to a vivid explanation using examples to illustrate the main idea. Examples can work as the beginning or ending of many kinds of essays, especially those that need to be persuasive.

Types of Examples
Anecdotes Facts
Stories Illustrations
Person Sample
Place One Item
Group Art

Types of Examples:

How do examples improve your writing? They can:

Strategies for exemplification:

  • Exemplification, as with writing in general, is about balance.
  • Exemplification is a type of analysis



    As the leader of our country, the president vetoed the proposed legislation.

    Despite public outrage, on July 19th, 2006, President Bush vetoed Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2005 (H.R. 810), which was a bill proposing to amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for human embryonic stem cell research.

    The coach yelled at us.

    Coach Williams assembled the Jets in a row, and went to B.B. Gant first. He started out cool as he told him to keep his eye on left field. Williams started to yell at Syd Coop to turn his body slightly to the right, and hit it to right field where there’s less coverage. As he progressed down the line, he began to holler at players. By the time he got to the last kid, the spit and sweat flew everywhere. He looked like a bright-red lawn sprinkler.

    General to Specific Furniture from furniture to kitchen furniture to cabinets to wine racks etc.

    Table Showing General to Specific Items
    Which is the most specific?

    Which of the following are most specific?
    Hammer Tool Hardware
    Gems Diamonds Jewelry
    Washing machine Electrical appliance Household convenience
    Difficulties of the first year in college Problems in college Overscheduling the first year of college
    Buying a carUndertaking a major financial commitment   Undertaking a major financial commitment Being independent and on your own
    Rolls Coins Quarter



    more specific-->

    most specific

    the street

    the main avenue

    Foothill Avenue

    a woman

    a female hero

    Margaret Sanger

    a man

    a male hero

    Mohatma Gandhi

    a tree

    an evergreen tree


    the college

    the community college

    Floren College

    some people

    ten people

    ten college students

    most general

    <--more general



    As you think about using examples:

    As you Read Example Essays:

    How do examples communicate the message, argument, (premise, supposition)?